Home Trends for Spring / Summer 2022


Following trends for what to wear is just the same for interiors. Fashion trends shape how you look and interior design trends shape how we decorate and style our homes. For people that decorate their homes inspired by seasonal trends at Texture Interiors we need to ensure that during our buying we are aware of the up and coming trends to allow us to select a good balance of products.

For our blog we wanted to provide our website visitors an insight into some of 2022 home trends. From colours to textures, accessories to building materials we have included some inspiration for your home for the spring / summer 2022 season and beyond. Including some products that you can purchase from our showrooms at Heart of the Shires Shopping Village and Plantation House.

As we emerge from two years of living life in a pandemic it is time to reflect on how we want to spend time in our homes, both indoors and outdoors. We are all craving a better outlook and part of that transition is positive thinking and how this can be embraced around us, very much focused on self-care and how our homes can be dedicated to our own wellbeing.

We are all looking forward to spending as much time revelling in the outdoors as we do inside our own homes (subject to the great British weather of course…). One of the trends this year is very much about creating a more seamless transition between the two, investing in light and breezy open-plan spaces, employing biophilic design principles, and spending time improving our gardens.

Self- space
An area in your home dedicated to you time, all about self-care, relaxation, well-being and mental health. Whether it is a retreat to read a book, space to enjoy for a hobby or an area to indulge in some yoga. It has been revealed by some research carried out in the UK that this will be the biggest driver for home renovation this year.

Sprint summer self care trrends in the home 2022 from Texture Interiors Northants

Gardens with a personality
Adding a flare to gardens bringing the indoors outside and incorporating your own personality. Such as injecting a bright burst of colour using glazed exterior tiles that contrasts with traditional brickwork, and garden accessories. Introducing a softer outdoor-use of upholstery, lighting, accessories, fire pits and even outdoor cinemas.

Cushions and throws for spring summer 2022 from Texture Interiors Northants

The colour green
Green as a colour will be big for 2022 in varying shades. We’re seeing mint emerge in kitchens, olive come through in living rooms, and pistachio is perfect for bedrooms. Accessories and lighting using various textures as well as this colour will also be key this year.

Green is the spring summer 2022 colour trend for your home, paper and paints available from Texture Interiors Northants

Open plan living with cork flooring
We are not talking 1970’s orange cork tiles, instead cork flooring! With its eco credentials and the ease of sourcing it sustainably, it’s actually one of the key flooring trends for 2002 in a variety of hues. Coupled with open plan living that has clear zones is especially great for families as it allows them to spend more quality time together without a change to routine. Plus of course it is great for entertaining.

Open plan living is a key home trend for Spring summer 2022 in your home, perfect furniture from this trend can be purchased from Texture Interiors Northants

You can interpret these trends how you see fit and how they could work in your home. For further advice and guidance regarding interior design you can book an appointment at our Plantation House Showroom by calling 01327 368 927 between 9.30am and 5pm on Mondays through to Saturdays or 10.30am – 4pm on Sundays, or complete the contact form here on our website – click here.