Interior Design Service

Our highly experienced and professional interior designers will guide you through the process of dreaming, designing and creating your perfect interior, from the overall design to the details such as furniture, curtains and blinds and decorations.
Our relationships with the leading fabric design houses in the UK and Europe, furniture artisans and craftsmen as well as a range of hand-selected and truly unique decor items, means we can transform any space into a truly memorable and deeply satisfying experience for you.


Interior design consultation involves working directly with a professional designer who will listen to your requirements then provide guidance on how to transform your space into a functional and beautiful living area. This can include advice on everything from furniture and color schemes to lighting and decor. The end goal is to create a space that reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.


Storyboards are a helpful step in the design process as they allow you to visualize ideas and plan out steps for achieving design goals. They offer a clear pathway for creative elements to come together in a cohesive way. Storyboards give designers and clients a comprehensive overview of the project and serve as a blueprint for development.

Costs & Schedules

Costs and schedules are crucial factors in any design process. Accurately estimating project costs and timely scheduling of tasks is vital for the successful completion of a project. A delay in one part of the process can have a ripple effect, causing significant delays and cost overruns to the entire project. With Texture Interiors, you will have peace of mind.


The implementation stage is the phase where the design is transformed into a physical product or tangible reality. This stage requires effective collaboration between designers and production teams to ensure that the final product matches the intended design. The implementation stage involves careful coordination and project management, to ensure the final product meets all the desired specifications.