Styling your home for Christmas


Do you love decorating your home for Christmas? Bringing the boxes down from the attic that were carefully and lovingly packed away the year before; excited to see your decorations again that may look a little tired after all these years but have so many lovely happy memories. But at the same time are you also tired of decorating your house the same way every year and need some inspiration?

You are not alone as this is how many of our customers are feeling at the moment, and are in need of a few tips on how to up-date their festive decorating style without having to buy all new decorations. So, as you’re gearing up for December, we thought we would share a few ideas for styling out the festive season glamorously.

When accessorising your home for day to day living, less is always more. So this should also be your mantra when decorating your home for Christmas. Focus on one area of the room – whether that’s your tree, a dining table or a fireplace – and decorate that and little else. Complement the rest of the room with small touches such as a couple of candles in the window, a bowl of beautiful baubles or a vase filled with twinkly lights. There’s no need to drape garlands and tinsel all around bannisters and windows – unless of course that’s what you love to do, in which case please, by all means, go for it!!

This year is all about subtle statements. If possible, try and stick to a mono or two tone colour palette for most effect. An all-white or silver scheme has an elegant, effortless feel, and also has the advantage of going with any colour twist that takes your fancy that year; a dash of orange or purple, a lovely cool blue or a fiery hot red. You can’t go wrong with gold and red of course, but it is very traditional, so if you’re looking for something that offers originality and also flexibility then stick with your whites and silvers and add colour accents.

Don’t be afraid to mix different shapes and sizes of decorations on your tree and if you feel all one colour may be a little dull and you’d love more texture then try mirrored or clear baubles to offer another dimension as they bounce and dance colours and light around the room.

You certainly don’t need to throw away the old and buy all new decorations, but it’s a lovely tradition to add to your collection each year. Take the opportunity to pick up a couple of new baubles that you love and maybe try to part with very old tired decorations if you can. Obviously keep the really sentimental one’s, even if they don’t make the final line up this year!

Pop in to Texture to see our lovely Christmas decorations and see if we can tempt you to add to your collection. We are of course also happy to offer any advice on how best to make sure your decorations compliment your home.