Bringing outside in whilst beating the elements!

In our ‘Bringing Inside outside’ post last month we briefly touched upon the increasing trend of people also bringing outside in. In reaction to the unpredictability of the British weather – which we have certainly witnessed this summer – bespoke conservatories and ‘garden rooms’ are becoming more and more popular.

The ‘garden room’ is revolutionising the way we connect with the outdoors. When it is sunny, rather than sitting in direct sunlight, the doors can be left wide open to let the air in whilst you relax and enjoy the warmth of the day, or the natural light of the longer summer evenings. When it’s raining you can still enjoy the daylight whilst staying warm and dry. At Texture we also find the sound of the rain on the windows very soothing! Garden rooms are all about connecting with the outside and even though the weather may not permit you to be out in the open space, you can still feel as though you are.

The drawback however is that ‘garden rooms’ often tend to cater to the extremes. They can be cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. They can also lack privacy and be difficult to dress compared to other rooms in the home. However, with careful planning this need not be the case and this is where we come in. When you get it right the ‘garden room’ is often many people’s favourite space. Key in achieving this is the right choice of blinds. This will allow you to go in there on any day of the year at any time of day and have the perfect room to eat, relax or entertain in all year round. Rooms without blinds often end up being under-utilised. They instantly make a room feel more cosy, offer some privacy and finish it off as well as protecting from the elements. In a room full of glass we often recommend blinds over curtains as they are more cost effective and flexible.

We offer a number of stylish options. There is the very simple ‘roll up’ Swedish blind (as seen above) which also has the lovely feature of being reversible so it looks good from outside as well as inside. These are also perfect when you don’t want to lose too much light but want something prettier than a roller blind.

Which brings us nicely on to the Roller Blind. These are very functional and are often a good solution for kitchens and bathrooms. They are laminated so easier to clean and they also take up less room in the window so are perfect if you want to maximise light. You can use either standard roller blind fabrics or select your own to coordinate with your colour scheme and design.

The Roman blind, which is our most popular blind, looks lovely anywhere. It is pleated and can be hung inside or outside a recess. It can be lined and interlined or, making the most of the some of the beautiful sheer fabrics available, left unlined.  This latter option gives you the advantage of privacy, and sun-shade, while still allowing you to enjoy your view.  The only consideration is that Roman blinds can take up valuable window space.

Finally, we have the new and increasingly popular Sail blinds, the stylish way to shade your conservatory. They control heat and glare and work with any shape of roof or construction type. Sail blinds use a high performance fabric to control the heat without having to cover the entire roof so that you can enjoy all of the benefits of the view and sun without the excessive heat. The breathable fabric and robust flexible construction means they can also be laundered at home on a 30 degree cycle. We work closely with Interior Fashion who has been supplying conservatory shade solutions for over 15 years and started selling InShade sail blinds 3 years ago.

As well as blinds, colour can also transform your garden room. Bold block colours are extremely on trend and can make a real statement. You can afford to be a bit daring in this room and use bright natural colours such as yellows and greens to extend the idea of bringing outside in. Lovely soft natural stripes and patterns also work well – but keep your design simple yet effective so that your focus remains the outdoors.

For some advice on your garden room or conservatory or for more information on any of our handmade blinds or the InShade Sail blinds please contact us.