Basil Does… Spring


Not much phases Basil and he’s just as happy getting wet and muddy throughout Winter as he is basking in the summer sunshine.But Spring is a particularly special time for all of us and as the days grow longer our walks tend to do the same. The first Sunday after the clocks had changed was magnificent and the sight of fresh green leaf buds and bright yellow daffodils dancing in the wind against a brilliant blue sky lifted all of our spirits. Colour and nature are strong themes of spring and we are seeing this emanated in this seasons designs.

Basil Sheep_ editedAnother feature of Spring of course is new beginnings, with lambs and calves filling the fields around us; a wonderful sight. Basil has been busy making friends with his woolley neighbours over the winter and I think has even become quite protective of them.  When not in the shop, he can spend hours simply sitting watching them – making sure they don’t get too close to his fence mind you. Although when they drift in to the next field he runs inside to retrieve one if his squeaky toys before returning to the fence to squeak it at them, as though calling them back.

They know him well now and take absolutely no notice of him.  We think he sees them as fellow-Airedales – he certainly looks similar while sporting his winter coat.  His spring haircut is booked for 5th April  so keep an eye on our Facebook page for pictures of a much smarter, trimmer Basil. Fingers crossed the weather warms up in time for him!