Basil Does… Peaches

We had a totally different story prepared for you for this month’s newsletter but unfortunately Basil is feeling a little unwell and wasn’t able to go on his usual monthly excursion.

After watching with envy as a juicy peach was devoured and the rather delicious looking stone discarded in the bin, Basil carefully – or so he thought – chose his moment before rescuing the stone from the bin and swallowing it in one. Luckily he was seen swallowing it but not quite in time to stop him…

The stone got stuck in poor Basil’s tummy making him very unwell – although we later discovered that this was actually a blessing as if it had entered his intestine it could have perforated or blocked it which is even more serious.

As peach stones don’t break down they can just rattle around inside for weeks, so Basil had to have an operation to remove it. Needless to say he’s now feeling very sorry for himself and a little bit silly, particularly as he also has to wear a ‘no-lick’ collar until his stitches dissolve. Although for anyone who has pets you can see in the picture that the inflatable collars have come a long way since the big plastic cones! We also think that blue rather suits him!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Towcester Vets who looked after Basil so well, before, during and after his operation. He’s recovering well and hopes to back fighting fit ready to take you all on a little excursion next month.

Remember keep those peach stones away from your pets!