Basil Does… Footstools


We’ve just had a beautiful new footstool delivered for our sitting room. We wanted something to stretch our legs out on in the evenings that looked stylish and complimented our sitting room, as well as being super comfy. However, much to our disappointment and Basil’s delight, he also seems to find it super comfy and has other ideas for its’ purpose…. As it fits him so perfectly it must be his new bed, meaning he no longer has to battle us for space on the sofa. So, while Basil now stretches out comfortably, we have to console ourselves with perched toes on the end. Not quite what we had in mind – but at least it looks good!

If, unlike us, you would like to stretch out your legs whilst also adding a beautiful new piece of furniture to your sitting room then please get in touch. All of our footstools are made here in Northamptonshire by our local upholsterer and are totally bespoke. We have 3 standard sizes (small, medium and large) but if you have specific requirements it can be any size you like – although we will advise on proportions and fabric usage if necessary. You simply choose your fabric from our extensive selection, decide whether you prefer it piped and bordered or completely plain, buttoned or not buttoned, and finally your preferred leg design and finish. Prices start at £225 for a small standard footstool in an A-grade fabric.

Essentially, you design it and we make it!  They certainly have Basil’s seal of approval!