Basil Does… Beach Huts


In an attempt to escape the dreary Northamptonshire winter and have a change of scene we set off for the East Coast of Suffolk this month.

We booked in to the The Anchor at Walberswick for a few days and Basil, of course, came with us. The Anchor is an award winning inn and restaurant and well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area or are also looking to escape for a couple of days. It is located in the charming village of Walberswick just across the footbridge from the market town of Southwold. In Walberswick itself there are some charming little shops and a lovely deli.  It is near the seafront so you can either take a stroll on the beach or a longer walk around the marshes. Basil obviously requested a little jaunt to both!

The Anchor comprises the main Inn which houses the bar, restaurant and 4 rooms, there are then six spacious timber-clad garden chalets set around a lovely garden which are dog friendly, so Basil was very welcome. The pub is traditional and cosy with an open fire yet also airy and bright. The food is locally sourced, freshly cooked and wonderful. For us the Anchor is home from home and we would highly recommend it – definitely one of Basil’s favorites!

However one of the main attractions for us in this area is a stroll along Southwold beach and the cheerfully colourful beach huts located along the promenade. Much loved and iconic symbols of a traditional British seaside holiday these huts can fetch over £100,000 on the market today. As an interior designer I find them particularly inspiring as, although small, each one is personalised and uniquely decorated both inside and out. No matter how small a space is, you can create something beautiful that perfectly suits your taste and lifestyle and these huts are the epitome of this. I would love to get my hands on one as a project! If you have a small space that you don’t know how to decorate then please get in touch, you might be very surprised by what we can create together!